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my GO games

The game industry has undergone a paradigm shift since traditional gaming consoles; now games are handheld and interactive. The tremendous scale of this social and mobile game revolution is fueled by ever-increasing use of smartphones and tablets…

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Danny Hammett, my GO games’ Chairman and CEO, managed a $695m global publishing operation with three operating divisions, served as President of Activision Value as an entertainment publisher and producer generating over $800-million plus in revenues with $1.6b market cap…

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my GO games’ expertise in business development and marketing gives the company the opportunity to capitalize on an ongoing portfolio of gaming applications for a wide range of users and industries, including games for entertainment, education and training…

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my GO games will leverage a vast personal and social network to partner with the best and brightest mobile and interactive game developers and startup companies to deliver in-demand applications across a global marketplace. my GO games’s product categories…

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